Submission GuidelinesEdit

Be kind, courteous and respectful.

This is to be a site where people can come to learn about how to mix their own liquids as well as to get as much information as possible so that they are doing so safely.


Please list the name of the recipe in the title.

In a sub-header if this is a "WIP" or Work-in-progress have that as the first sub-header.

Second header should follow this general formatting.

  • Percentage (eg. "10%"), Ingredient name (eg. "French Vanilla"), Vendor (eg. "TFA/The Flavour Apprentice")

Please make the ingredient name link to the flavour used and the vendor be a link to the vendor section on this site.


For clarity and easy reading, please use bullet points for the ingredients list.

Second section after the initial should be a general idea of the flavour profile. This will be where you can post your impression of the recipe itself but try to keep it impersonal.


Good:  This recipe has a smooth and fruity taste on the inhale and a bright citrus flavour on the exhale. Works best in a rebuildable atomizer system however it will work but at a reduced impact in different setups.

Not so good but acceptable: I Noticed that this has a good taste where I noticed a smooth and fruity taste on the inhale but the exhale was a little too weak but there were notes of a citrus flavour there.

Not so good but acceptable: This is a complex recipe that has a very delicate balance however it does feel with my own use of it that it's missing something which I feel would take this from good to excellent. As such this is a work in progress and the ratios are likely to change as this is refined with my own personal experimentation or at the advice of the community.

Bad: This is the best flavour I've had.

Bad: This needs work. Please help me. What did I do wrong?

Clone recipesEdit

The formatting for clone recipes should follow the same general guidelines as the recipe formatting but in the first header always link directly to the vendor's site. This is to help those that may not be able to make that recipe or those that want to taste the recipe itself an easy means to go directly to the source. Second header should be whether this is a work in progress ("WIP") so that users will know whether this is a case of it being close but not quite there yet.

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