French VanillaEdit

This is a flavour that works to impart the rich and lucious flavour of French Vanilla. Most vendors have slight differences in the flavour however most hold to the same general flavour profile of it being sweet, mellow and smooth.

Safety notes

Some vendors have different types of French Vanilla available and some use Diacetyl whereas others do not. Some use Acetoin or Acetylpropionyl wheras others do not. Always check to see if either of these chemicals are present in the flavour you wish to use and always be certain that you are being informed so that you can avoid complications from using unsafe or potentially unsafe flavours.


Different vendors have slight differences in the profile of French Vanilla. This is a fairly standard "Flavor" however the different ways in which it's created will leave some differences in how the flavour presents itself.

The Flavor Apprentice (TFA)Edit

The Flavour Apprentice's (TFA) French Vanilla (Links to this specific flavour's profile page on this wiki) flavour has a smooth initial flavour that will work starting around 5%. At lower strengths it's more of an ingredient that will smooth out and give body to liquid recipes. As Vanilla (including French Vanilla) is a milder flavour on it's own it can be lost if it is crowded out in a recipe that's heavy with strong flavours. This will work still, however, as it is a delicate flavour on it's own it is a flavour that will work exceptionally well as a way to augment and round out a recipe.
Please note that The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) have two French Vanillas listed on their shop page. The difference is that the "French Vanilla Deluxe" containes Acetoin and Acetylpropionyl which may be of concern for some e-cigarette users. The standard "French Vanilla" does not list these as ingredients. Refer to the safety category or the pages for these two chemicals to understand the potential risks involved with using flavours with Acetoin or Acetylpropionyl. Since this is a page for a standard "French Vanilla" flavour this will discuss the basic French Vanilla flavours primarily.

Safety NoticeEdit

The Flavor Apprentice have multiple French Vanilla flavours available for sale. Some contain Diacetyl and some use Acetoin. Please refer to the safety pages on these chemicals to understand the risks associated.