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General Flavour ProfileEdit

A sweet and smooth flavour that is reminiscent of the ice-cream. It gives a nice body to recipes that have sweet flavours however at strengthsaround 10%or higher it can be a little overpowering and will most likely crowd out other more delicate flavours. It's full taste and smooth finish can be deceptive in that some users may want to make it strong since Vanilla flavours tend to be delicate and gentle. This is a flavour that's not exceptionally delicate though as it is a very well-rounded flavour that has a smooth feeling and enough sweetness that it can be a good flavour to use on it's own or in recipes.

This can add body and augment flavours that are sweet and sometimes spicy.

Using This FlavourEdit

As this can be a delicate flavour, care should be used so that it isn't being crowded out by other flavours if you wish for it to be present on it's own.

If you are using this to round out or give body to a recipe, it can work but care and a delicate hand should be used to get that "sweet spot" where it's affecting the over-all recipe's flavour but not pushing other flavours out.

At strengths at 10% or higher users have reported that the flavour is too strong and imparts a cloying "buttery" flavour to it leading to a general unpleasant taste. So, it is not advised to use this at excessive strengths on it's own.